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I notice that in all the home page I don't even mention my own name.!!   Wonder what that means?   do I want to remain anonymous...? No that is not true..   I was saving it for this page..

My name is Clive Lawrence..   A short precis of my life...?   impossible.    I have done too much to put down here so you will have to read the rest of this web site to get an inkling of what I have done as that is what it is all about.  But I will put in a few details here that might be relevant .

Currently I am a solo guy who is boarding with my friend Sue (aka TechnoKitten in Caching circles) in Greenlane, Auckland, New Zealand.   

I am working in Takapuna as a software implementation consultant for a small software house called Computer Fanatics Ltd..    We specialise in Veterinary Practice Management software so I travel a lot, mostly to Australia these days to implement our software and train our new clients.   I enjoy the travel but sometimes flying gets boring and tiring and I look forward to some time on the motorbikes.    I have so many airpoints now I can fly around the world twice..!!   but the last thing I want to do when I go on holiday is jump on another plane!!

As implied on the home page I served for a 20 year term in the Royal New Zealand Navy and retired in 1989 as a Lieutenant Commander.   I did some sea service on the HMNZS Otago and HMNZS Canterbury before specialising as an IT specialist and serving the remainder of my time in Defence Computer Centre in Porirua.

Mostly I have continued on with IT to support myself and my family.    However, along the way throughout my life I have always been actively interested in the "Big Picture"  and spent many years reading and studying things like Philosophy,  Theosophy, Comparative Religions,  Psychology.   Anything that dug into the details of life and human evolution.  I have always said to myself  "there must be a purpose to all of this" and this question has always motivated me to study things esoteric.  

A chance meeting with a long lost Uncle put me on the path of Meditation practice.   A practice I maintained for twenty plus years.   I have followed many paths...  some that in the end didn't suit..  and some that did.   I am an analytical person and enjoy delving into the dynamics of life and there are many good teachers out there where I found wonderful truths and a great deal of knowledge.

A lot of what I learnt was theory and I had found it difficult to relate it to my own life until my first marriage fell apart and I had to take stock.    Attending a Self Transformation Seminar as they were known as in the 80's gave me the needed smack around the head to wake me up at an experiential level.   Many of the things I knew at a theory level started to really make sense.  So I had found a place where a lot of the theory of life was able to be imparted at a "real" level.      So I begged to be taken on as a Teacher Apprentice and after years of training and much in depth work on my own stuff I ended up teaching workshops and making a difference in other peoples lives.    This was a highlight of my life and was a priveleged and profound experience.

For a number of years I taught workshops in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Hawkes Bay and even in Adelaide Australia.   Thousands of hours presenting to many groups ranging in size from 10 to 150

As I mentioned in my main page article there was a wave of Personal Development courses in the 80's and 90's when everyone seemed to be wanting to do them..  But like everything in Life, things changed and the wave passed so I had to do something else to support my family.    I returned to IT to pay the bills.

Computers are ok but people are far more interesting and I have a passion for teaching people about the process of life and how they are in life.   Hopefully this site will be a first step to do some teaching to people who wish to participate.    We shall see. 

My other interests are many.   Usually active things that include Motorcycle touring... Motorhome Building... Geocaching...  Cycling..  Skiing...  Tramping... Flying..  I am a lapsed pilot with a PPL I may one day reactivate.   I enjoy computers and everything to do with them.   Hence this site. 

I first intended to use this web site for "Life Education"  but have decided to create a separate web site for that.   This site is now intended for my own use and the sharing of my life and activities.   

If you want to catch up with me or know more...  You are more than welcome to ask me a question on the forum..     .