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Christmas Break 2013 - Partitions Start

Posted by XenaCommander on January 30, 2014 at 7:10 PM

Time ticks by...  End of January and I still haven't updated this with what I have been doing over the summer holidays.

Seat Backs Finished.
The last update I was finishing the seat backs...   I removed them to cover with ply and paint..   I also finished the last of the foam insulation while they were off...

This pic is taken before foam was finished... But all in place..  I will find a friendly upholsterer to make cushions and squabs for the seat...  It is a great day bed.

Satelite Dome Installed
Before I finished the foam insulation I needed to fit the satelite dome onto the cab roof...   I had debated with my self as to the ideal position of the dome...   In the end I decided the cab would be good.

We tested the antenna before putting it up and of course it didn't work...  so had to take it back to supplier..  All they did was tweak the ballum or whatever the little thing is on the end of the stalk thingy...!!  and away it goes.
We tested it again once we had it back in Turangi..  It has a GPS chip on it so knows where to look for the satelite..  Clever gizmo.

XC caught in the process of bolting the dome to the cab and fitting the cover.

Foam Completed... Partitions Start.

I finished off the foam insulation..  Man that is a hot job.. It can only be done on a hot day with a protective suit and mask on...  Nightmare..  But it is done now and I am not spending any more money on insulation..!!!
Of course as soon as you finish the last of the foam you find spots you have missed..!!  mumble... It will do.

With the foam insulation all done I want to get on with the few partitions I will need for the bedroom and bathroom etc..   so a trip to the boys shop and got the requisite lumber..  and ripped it on my bench saw to the required dimensions...

First partition going in..   Man it is a nightmare trying to get everything square..  right angles with the floor.. the sides..  etc..  in the end I figured that the whole truck is not going perfectly square and moving all the time.. So as long as it looks ok...     Note the foam squab in the shower tray...  I dropped an electric screwdriver onto the tray and dented it...!!!!  mumble grump..!!!  typical...!!!   so I will have a memory reminder of that moment..

More partitions going into place... I am cutting the frames in the garage so I am getting fit running from the truck to saw and back...!!!   so many times..!!!

Progress..   I am now in the process of doing the wall by the door which will hold the circuit breaker panel and electric guages and stuff like that... more thought required.
Friend Wayne came down for anniversary weekend so was a weekend of mainly planning as we sat in the truck and discussed different options..   An important part of the development...

More to come...
Stay tuned..

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