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Bathroom Progress April - June 2015

Posted by XenaCommander on June 3, 2015 at 8:55 AM

A couple of months have gone by with very little progress in the truck building process...   I spent a month in England with my eyes closed ( on a 30 day meditation retreat)  so that didn't do well for truck progress..  But did well for inner progress...

Now I am back I have continued with the cabinet making...  finally completing something that I am happy with...

My first cabinet for the truck...   Now all I need to do is make it fit where it is supposed to...!! 

I wanted to replace the broken toilet seat for the new one that I had finally received from Dometic...  I had been procrastenating with this task knowing that I will have to break the vacuum seal to do it..  and have the challenge of resealing it again...  
So with great care I removed the toilet and then the toilet seat...  replaced with the new one...   then put the toilet back in place..    Tried the vacuum but ...  as expected...  it didn't seal..!!!  grrr...!!   
I taped over the rubber O ring with plumbers tape and put silicon grease on to help it seal..  and went to replace it..    but of course I did the inevitable..   pulled too hard and ripped the control cord for the flush and ripped the socket it plugs in to off the circuit board..!!!   arrrrrggghhh!!!!
Man was the air blue....   cats went running...  TK went running...!!   the month of silence went out the window in a second..!!   lol..!    oh well I am only human.............

A pic of the circuit board...   you can see the socket pulled off it.. top left..    Of course all I could think of was having to buy a new toilet...!!!    given that I am not capable to fix circuit boards..
TK comes out and looks at it and being a computer tech she gives me hope.....   All we need to do is find the right socket and she will solder it in place...       PHEW...!!!
She now tells me she has sourced a replacement part and will look at putting it in place next visit...

While that is happening I can't put the cabinet in place... as we need access behind the toilet..  So I went on and glued the mirrors to the cupboard doors and glued knobs onto the mirrors to open the cupboards...
Now comes the tricky part..  to fit them to the cupboard.

Another mistake I made was to buile these cupboard doors with very little clearance from the walls... So this was going to be tricky...   But after a couple of tries I managed to fit the left hand door.

There..  In place...   Very tricky as I wanted to open the door downwards...   so the hinges are under the bottom of the door...

I had to adjust things a little to keep the door clear from the wall when I dropped it down..    But it works great.. 
I put on a chain to hold it from dropping too far..    The challenge was to put the magnetic catch in place with the door screwed in place...  but after an hour of trial and error  (everything takes 10 times longer than I think it is going to take in this build)  I managed to get it working...

However I have not succeeded with the right hand side..  for the life of me I know it will fit but every time I screw the door to the hinges it scrapes the side...!!!   arrgghh!!!    So I have left it for the next visit when I have a fresh look at things.

More to follow...  Stay tuned...

Weekend 6-7 June...   During the week I get a PCB socket that we hoped fit to fix the toilet..    but to no avail..  wrong socket..   So TK is sourceing one from UK.!!!   mumble....

I was determined this weekend to get the cupboard door on the right hand side...    It was very tricky as the tolerances were so tight...   a lesson here is to allow more room..    I will make a note of it for next cabinet etc.
I took off the hinges and moved them over and TK gave me a helping hand holding it while I aligned the hinges and drilled holes etc...    Then the big moment...

There...   In place...  It took a bit of gymnastics getting under the cupboard to screw the hinges up tight..

I attached the chain that supports the cupboard when opened...  (Yes I broke the chain two times!!!  Murphy was around)...   I also put a shorter chain on the left hand side so that shorter people can angle down the mirror if required..

I reckon it looks good..   and am pleased with the outcome.    Yes I know.. I could have polished the glass before taking a pic..   but I was in a hurry...  :)
Next I want to fix the toilet and put it back in place then put the completed vanity in place..   Then the rest of the bathroom is cosmetic.. 

Weekend 13-14 June 2015

Well Murphy was around again...  TK managed to fix the toilet circuit board with a new switch...  she even reinforced it with extra glue so it isn't so easy to break again...    Plugged it in and tested...   No lights on the control panel...    it appears that I had also pulled the socket connecting to the control panel off its circuit board..    Opening for a closer look proved it to be the case...  Mumble...!!!  

I wanted to put the toilet back in place so I could take the truck for a run so assembled it temporarily and also put the Vanity in place temporarily to see how it all looked.

I think it looks great...   See the hole where the toilet control panel is going to go... (When I get a new one...)
The rest of the weekend was spent measuring and cutting the door frames..  It is like doing a jigsaw that you don't have the picture for..!!   Oh well..  all good fun and it is always progressing albeit slowly.

Having just been made redundant at my job I will be able to spend full time doing the build from July 15 on..  I am looking forward to that..

More to come...

Stay tuned.. 


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