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July Progress

Posted by XenaCommander on July 9, 2015 at 7:25 PM

Chasing a Leak...!

This month so far I have been concentrating on sealing a leak in the rear roof hatch..  I have been chasing this for ages but still had not worked out how to track it down..    A few weeks ago while I was meditating I had an idea to use the air compressor and soap bubbles..      When I first went to have a go at this trick I found that the aircompressor had a busted valve...   So a new one had to be acquired..

So earlier this month I rolled out the air hose and started the compressor... and got some sunlight liquid solution...  I knew the area where the water was likely coming in...  near the hinges of the hatch.  so I brushed all around the area with soapy solution and then got the air hose nozzle and burst air around the edges of the inner rim...

Hey Presto...!!!   I got bubbles in three different places..   ( I love it when something works...!!!)   So all I had to do was clean it all up..  dry it out and as I had a tube of grey Sikka left over I used that to seal where I saw the air bubbles coming through..   Now all I need to do was wait for it to dry out and test it.     I left it for the week with buckets in the usual place to see if any drips come through.

During the next week I knew it had been raining hard and was hoping when we got back down to Turangi and into the truck that the buckets would be dry....    No such luck...  one drip...!!!    So I flashed up the compressor and soapy water again and sure enough I had missed one spot with the Sikka..    So I have sealed it up again and this week we will find out if I have got it all...   It has even been snowing down there so I should have a good test.  Fingers crossed.    No pics though sorry...!!    Will update.

The rest of the time I have been sorting the workshop out..  I am sick of buying warped and twisted timber from major shops like Bunnings and Mitre 10 for lots of $$   so I have invested in a Thicknesser so I can guarantee good straight timber...    But I needed to get a good flat surface to put it on...

I fixed up the top planks of the table I have "borrowed" from the deck..   and put a sheet of MDF on the top.  You can see the Thicknesser on the Festool table at the back..  Also a dust extractor to remove the chips as they happen... I am looking forward to getting some good timber to work with now.   Note the covert pumpkin store that snuck in under the table...  They will go to make soup for the local food bank by TK.

more to come..


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