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August to October 2015 Update...

Posted by XenaCommander on October 6, 2015 at 2:25 AM

Tiling the Bathroom...

With the completion of the bathroom cabinet I wanted to tile the floor before installing it...  So I removed everything from the "huge" bathroom and made a start...   Talk about fiddly...   There is a hatch I needed to tile first...

Hmm a reasonable start...  Laying the first tile is always the trickiest part... I think I got it wrong by about 10mm... Oh well...  A skirting will cover that.

The decision to tile around the toilet...   or tile underneath the toilet...   I figure it would look nicer to tile under and have the toilet sit on the top of the tile..   As long as the toilet outlet would seal still.. I tested it with the vacuum and it sealed ok...  decision made.

Looking good... Pic taken from in the shower...    Now to fit the cabinet and plumb it in place...  This is now all done but I haven't got a pic..   Maybe I will take one and post it... 

Milling timber....

Now the bathroom is pretty much done I need to do all the fiddly job of framing the doorways... of which there are three in the area of 1 square metre...   I hate this part...   I tried a couple of times to buy straight dressed timber from big suppliers...  but they were pretty warped or bowed...   so I decided to invest in a Thicknesser and mill my own to the dimensions I wanted...

I even fabricated a through ramp to keep the timber flat...   It all worked out well...  I love working with power tools.

Framing and Lining...

Framed the toilet doorway...  and the inside of the kitchen frame...  Pics not easy to take..  too close... but I wanted to get the correct dimensions for the side frames so I thought it best to line the wall and have it in place to then frame flush with the outside.

The first wall lined...  and framing going on...  The hardest part was making the commitment to do it..!   But now it is done..  Bring it on.. 

Framing complete on the Kitchen side..   Next the Bedroom side...

A day lost yesterday because I washed my iPhone...!   so had to run around finding a place to potentially fix it and get a replacement..  Mumble.

Back into it today...

Left hand side done...   I glued the sheet down with staples around the edges where they will be covered up...  Clamps to hold it firmly in place.

The right hand side I decided to leave the doorway until I had got the side cuts done..  then drew the door cutout on the sheet while it was clamped in place...   Seemed to work better.

Right hand side glued and clamped late in the day..  The sun dropped low to get in the way of pic.

8 October Update

Clamps off and now time for more framing...  Its like doing a bloody jigsaw puzzle...   I ran out of milled timber the size I had chosen so I had to mill some more...  all good fun.

A view from the back towards the front showing shower & door framing...

A view from back toward toilet side...  I must tidy up those wires..   They are the controls for the ventilation fan.

A view from the front through to the back... Staple holes all filled and sanded...  Not sure I will paint it just yet...  Maybe leave till doors are finished.  I have covered the tiles with foam and cardboard to protect from my clumsiness... I have already broken one tile by dropping tools...  and had to replace it.

Thats it..   up to date...  Tomorrow I will figure out how to construct a door...
It is great to spend constructive time in the truck..   I will try and keep this up to date..

Stay tuned


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