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Workshop Mishap...! Feb 2016 and Onwards...

Posted by XenaCommander on April 21, 2016 at 5:35 AM

Bed Construction...

After doing the wall lining I was going to do the rear wall...  Friend WS suggested it wasn't necessary given that I was going to cover the rear with cupboards and the bed...  So I decided to get on and construct the bed top.
First the frame that I am going to screw the slats to...

The frame is cut and dominoed together for a dry fit.

I propped the frame to show how it will work once complete with gas struts...  So far so good...
Now for the rails that will go on the end of the slats and holds the mattress on.  I had it all worked out in my head.   I figured I would use the router to rebate the rail to take the slats...
So I set up the router for the first cut..   I was so sure I had it all worked out right..

Then just a millisecond before I fed the rail into the router bit I had a dreadful thought...  This is not right....   Then


The router pulled the piece into the bit along with my hand.....  It hit hard...
I looked down at my hand and the top of my middle finger was gone and blood everywhere...   Hmmm Buggar...
Neighbours took control and got me to the medical center...  They patched me up and told me to get to Rotorua Hospital...

I won't post the bloody pics I took but here is the result after surgery was done and stitches were out...

So it could have been a lot worse...   The finger has healed ok and after 6 weeks including a month on a retreat construction has recommenced.

XC gets back on the horse... so to speak...  I set the router up again and ran a piece through...  More for my own sake than anything for the truck.. .  All good... I won't let this router beat me...

Rails and Slats next...

While away on retreat I thought of a more efficient way to cut the rebates into the rails...  Using the table saw.. then the router to tidy them up..   So I set up the saw and ran them through...  Carefully...
Things went so well with the saw I didn't need to tidy them up with the router..   Just rounded off the corners..

Rails all done...   Looking pretty good..   Now onto the slats...    A quick visit to the local ITM and we are set..
The trick is to get them the right length.. Lets hope I got it right...

Once cut I ran them through the router... (see I can do it...!)  to round off the corners..  They look pretty good.
Next I will finish the base...  sand it ....  and varnish it ... then put it together in the truck.

Stay tuned...

XC   (touch typing is a little different with a short finger)

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Reply XenaCommander
11:42 PM on February 7, 2017 
Hi Salty..
I got the mattress from Waikato Bedding.. They make to order.
Expensive but the best i have slept on.
Reply Salty
9:09 PM on February 7, 2017 
Hi! I stumbled across this blog( & recognised your handle) via the caravan forum while searching custom bed options ;) Unfortunately the local bed manufacturer in Whangarei is no longer in business... Who did you end up ordering from & were you happy with the result ( & price?!)
Happy caching & camping!