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Gas Struts on Bed - Doors Finished - May 2016

Posted by XenaCommander on May 24, 2016 at 3:10 AM

Gas Struts on....

Bed now done I needed to get gas struts to hold up the top to get access to the storage below...   Emails and phone calls to the gas strut man..  Trip to Auckland to pick them up...   Peter did the calculations of weight and distance from the hinges and gave me the attachment points for the struts...     I thought they would be a bit bigger but he said they would do the job...
Back to Turangi and lets see if I can get this right..     I anchored the struts at the points Peter gave me...  they worked really well without the mattress on...  but when I put the mattress on they wouldn't hold up..  :(

Emails to Peter to explain the problem...  he gave me directions on how to fix..  Move them further away from the hinges...    Fingers Crossed...

Hey presto....!    perfect...   well just about..   the power in the struts pushes the top away from hinge line and screws are not strong enough...   and the top won't fit in the channel..  I have to get new stronger hinges.. 
Always something...

Sliding Door Fitted...

That is the bed now useable..   I want to leave the cupboards till later in the work list...  Next I wanted to move forward...   to mount the sliding door and the folding door...
I fabricated a jamb that I could put a latch system on....  First on the closed side..  Once I had done that I thought it would be a good idea to put one on the open side too so the door wouldn't slide back if the truck was parked on a slope.

Door mounted...  latches on..  and handles on..   and it all works well..   Of course the truck is not perfectly square and nothing is perfectly square so I had to bodge some parts to "make" work.

Folding Door Finished...

I removed the folding door which I had fit temporarily to ensure it would work..   I took it into the shed to remove the hinges..  to paint.. and put the piano hinges back on...    So many screws...
Now the challenging bit..  to hang it again..     Of course I had holes already drilled so I used them...   But when I tried to shut the door I couldn't...   Aaaarrrgghhh...!!!     Murphys Law..   I hate it..    The paint had of course made the door thicker and the holes were too close to the jamb.   So I had to remove 72 screws and shift the hinge over 2 mm...   and rehang...   Fingers crossed...

Whew...!!!  Fits perfectly... thank goodness... a job I thought would take half an hour took 4 hours..!!!  Mumble.

View of door from the bathroom side..   Not sure about the dual colour..  but they way the door folds out when open makes a grey door on one side and white on the toilet side...  Will live with it for a while...

Next I have a couple of things to tidy up in the bathroom and want to put the switches in for the bedroom and bathroom lights..  (You can see wires hanging in the pic above)...   Then I thought I would make the bed head before moving into the kitchen.

stay tuned


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