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Lounge Ceiling and Walls - Aug - Sept 2016

Posted by XenaCommander on October 5, 2016 at 8:30 PM

Its time I updated this...   I have been working for the man...  Traveling...  Which took me away from making progress..   But some progress has been made.     Last post I said I was going to continue with the ceiling..  I thought I might as well as I had the momentum up and was in the mode..  so to speak..   First I had to finish the wires for the lounge lights and get them ready...

Testing the lights in their place...  These lights are very bright so I put in an extra switch that will turn on only one middle light on dim..  For times when I want subdued lights...

Now to measure up for the first panel...   Cut... dry fit...  make sure light holes are in the right place..  adjust..  and then the fun part...   Get the glue on and put the panel up on my own..   yaay.....!

Glue on..  first props up... run around adjusting...  more props up...  make sure all aligned... more props..  Man it is a bit stressful but I got it up...   leave it overnight to dry...

Next morning...  remove props..  looks good..  pic taken from front of truck..
Now the front panel... measure and cut...

Second lounge panel up...  Props in place...
While that was drying I wanted to fit the Awning light on the outside of the truck..  I wanted to finish all the switching for the 12volt lights..  so needed to fit this external light..

Got the light attached and waited till dark before I took pic.   It is pretty bright...   Will do the trick.

I spent the rest of the day tidying up the panel...  connecting wires to circuit breakers etc..   and switches in place..   Next I wanted to fit the lights and the sloping panel at rear of lounge...   Those sloping panels are very complicated...  not one square angle to it...   so I used a pattern to get it right...

Panel up and glued...   Note the switches on wall...  all done and working..  Lights up and working well...  Switches for dim lights on each side wall.   I am pleased with the light grey walls.   Makes the place light.
Now decisions needed for next step..  Front sloping panel..  or side panels..  I need to fit an aerial for front radio and run coax through roof to satelite dish..    So I decided to do the walls first.
First I need to take out the perspex plug I had in my large round window...   Not an easy job as it was well siliconed in place...

But persistance pays off..  only one cut with fish knife I used to break the seal...    But it finally came out...   I thought I would take the opportunity to dry fit the window to make sure I didn't need to "cut" anything to make it fit.

Clamped in place...   it fits great...  I love these windows..  Will be a great feature...   Remove it again to line the inside...
A real tricky panel this one..  lots of measuring... cutting..  checking... dry fit...  adjusting...  etc... etc...
Glue up the frames...  and  COMMIT...!!!

Props in place...  So tricky...    Overnight to dry...

Props off..  Looks good...  Time for second panel before I have to fly to Aus again..

All in..  I won't be able to do the next panel on this side as I need to weld a frame up and make a wall near the entry to stop any people from putting hands on hot fire when they walk into the truck..

I am back fro Aus trip now but haven't done any more yet..  I am prepping the wall on Right for panels...  And also trying to get ready for big ride this weekend...  North Island 1600.   will write a different blog entry for that...

Stay tuned..


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