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Lining and Painting - Sept 2016 - Jan 2017

Posted by XenaCommander on January 11, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Lining Continues... 

I am hopeless at keeping this up to date...   But I thought it was high time that I did something about it...  Its Jan 12th 2017 and lots has happened since I last posted...     I said in my last post that I was to ride the NI 1600....  Well I did that successfully...   a great ride..  I wrote a separate blog for that if you want to read about it...   Click here if you want to read...  

Once I had recovered from that I continued on with the lining of the truck... 

A pic of where I was up to ...   Lounge LH side second panel all glued up...  Now onto the other side...
I measured up and drew up the pattern for the RH front panel....  Before I cut out the round window hole it was easier to locate the location by dryfitting and drawing on the panel from the outside...

Done...  Now to cut out and fit the panel..   of course once removed it was difficult to get it back in the exact same position...

Glued and propped...  Of course the story behind this one came out later...   I forgot to drill holes for all three seat belt mounting bolts...  and couldn't find it...    story to come...

All glued up for now...   The next couple of panels were easier as there wasn't so many cuts to make...

Panel 2....

Panel 3 propped...

Lounge RHS all panelled...  Kitchen next...

Kitchen Panel Propped... Seems I forgot to take a pic of the rest of the Kitchen panels...  my bad...  I didn't want to do the other side near the doorway as I wanted to fabricate a wall to protect hands going on the hot stove if they came in while it was burning...    So off to the metal shop I go and out with the welder....

WInging it without predrawn plan...  I welded up a frame...   I wanted this to be extremenly strong...  Strong enough for me ( or anyone ) to put their full weight on it...   So likely I over engineered the whole thing...

Once I knew how the was was mounted I needed to finish the lining before I could mount it..  Note the bolts on the floor that the Little Cracker woodbox is bolted to.

Another angle of the panel going on...  Those props were my greatest innovation...  They do a great job while the glue dries.  Getting them all up is sometimes a challenge.

Once the wall panel was up I could finish the wall construction...   Of course I got it wrong... (again)  welded sheet to mount the handrail mounts too low...  so had another go...    This time I got it right...

I wanted a feature design in this truck finish...   I have decided on a utilitarian finish using stainless and ply finish.    I fabricated this handrail my self out of ply with my favourite tool...  The Router...   sanded it smooth and varnished gives it a great look...    ( in my view anyway )....

Final wall panel going up around the door... 

Painting Time....

Now all the walls were lined it was time to paint...   I hate painting...  but it has to be done..   Clear the decks and out with the roller...

View from the doorway looking forward..  The colour is Resene Concrete..    A warm light grey.   Maybe boring but the colour will come with the curtains and the lounge upholstery... 

View from the front towards the kitchen... Now all the paint is on the walls I can finish off the light switches and power points seen here hanging out of holes in the wall..!

I bolted the entrance wall in place...  Man its strong...  I think 5 people can swing on it and it wouldn't move...!

Windows finally going in.....

I have been waiting for this moment for years...    I bought these great windows soon after I started this project way back...   I couldn't install them then as they are mounted from the inside..   Now the lining and painting has been done I can put them in.... Lets hope they fit.

This one went in reasonably well..  but of course Murphys Law dictates not everything is going to go smoothly...
Clamped up with Sikka to hold them in place...   God I hope I don't have to take it out.

All dry and looking good..   I love that they open...  and even in the driving rain the water won't get into the inside.
Very happy XC

Now of course the second one didn't go in so easily...    The flashing I had made and installed from the outside when the truck was re-skinned must have warped a bit as the window refused to go in...     So out with the grinder and ground a bit off the flashing and in she goes..   the corrrection was not visible once the window was installed.

All sikka'd in place..   Note the holes on the bottom right for the seat belt mount...   I forgot to locate all three that are required and after drilling holes and failing to locate them I took the whole bloody panel off and re-did it with the other hole located...  Mumble...  good practice at repairs... but I didn't really need it...  lol....  nothing goes smoothly in this build.

One of my favourite part of the truck design...   Very messy to put in but once cleaned up they look great.

I remounted the seat belts...   and refurbished the reel cover...  Now I had the requisite number of mounting holes the job was simple.

What next..?     I wanted to finish the lining and I only had the power cupboard to do..   So I got on with that.   I wanted to make the panel removable so I could get access to the back of the fridge/freezer.

I put a substantial piece of ply on the top so that I could mount the solar controller...   the rest is thin ply screwed in place...    I will design a cover for the 12 volt panel once I have finished hooking it all up.

Now the fiddly bit....   framing the doorway...

A coat or two of paint finishes the job..   I still need to make a door..   its on the list.

Steps Renovation....

For a while I have been considering what I should do with the entrance way...   It is functional but it is a bit knocked around..    I decided that now was the time to deconstruct it and make it look nicer...

Of course as with everything in this truck..  it has been well constructed..   So of course it is difficult to deconstruct..    Its like a bloody jigsaw puzzle...   So I started to take pics to remind me the order of assembly.  I thought the stainless is good although battered over the years so I thought I would ring Monaghans Sheet Metal and order a replacement.   I also got some brushed stainless for the wall behind the cracker and the entrance wall.

All disassembled...   Now to clean up the rust... and repaint...
The next visit to Auckland I picked up the Stainless steel sheets..    They didn't have the same guage for the steps lining so did it in thicker sheet..  which is great...  more robust...

All cleaned up..  first sheet sitting on LH side...   It all fits great..  just needed to tidy some bits up which was difficult to do with their big press...    I took the wire brush to the checker plate steps...  and reassembled...

All in place...  just need to take off the protective wrap...

Covers removed...  looks all shiny and bright...   can even see my skinny legs in the reflection.    Note I have lined the wall with ply...  and installed small stair lights.    I wanted to feature the entrance so searched for leds that will do the job.

Of course you can find anything these days...   Check this out...

I mounted a 500 mm led strip under the step and rigged wire so that it moves in and out when you close the step to travel...   Looks great.

Little Cracker Mounted....

I have had the Little Cracker in a box in the shed for years too...   waiting for this moment...  Time to install it...
First I glued the Stainless Steel sheet on the wall behind and the entrance wall...

Then I bolted the woodbox to the floor and bolted the Little Cracker to the woodbox...  Presto...  Looking great..   Note the wall has brushed stainless..  and the entrance I put ply on the top and front..  exposing the edges and varnishing...   The blue is masking tape to keep varnish off the SS....

Another angle...   but the sun on the cracker made contrast weird..  Will do another.

Cab Ceiling....

I had been pondering how I was going to line the cab ceiling and incorporate a shelf...    Friend Wayne on a planning visit gave me the idea to integrate both..   So a trip to Auckland to get ply supplies.

I knew this was going to be tricky so I got a sheet of MDF to use as a pattern...    I cut and fit that and then cut the ply...   of  course it is never the same...   and needed some help to get it in place...

TK was in residence on her holiday..   so I conscripted her help to nudge the panel in place...    I caught her in action...   don't tell..

It was a minor nightmare...  but it looks great now its done..  a few scrapes which I can fix...    Note the shelf which is where I will build a spot for the radio and satellite tuner.    The last bit of lining to be done is the sloping ceiling...     of course the last is the worst and most difficult.

Again the only way I saw to do this was with a pattern...

Even one large pattern would be too difficult..  so I did four...   and joined them all together with duct tape..

Getting the pattern close..   I made note of the adjustments I needed to make..   taped it all up...  and cut the final panel...  Making holes for the wires for power and speakers... etc...

Copious amounts of glue and propped in place...     Overnight I realised I did not pull the coax cable that runs back to the bedroom for the TV there..   Mumble..   I need a solution..   or I will have to rip it off and do again.

I will let you know what I decided to do..  Next post..  soon...

Stay tuned...


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