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Console and Kitchen - Jan - May 2017

Posted by XenaCommander on June 6, 2017 at 9:30 PM

Center Console

Time has got away from me again...  I have been a bit tardy at keeping this blog up to date...  So now I am bed ridden after some surgery it is the opportune time to catch up.    I will have to use the pics I have taken to remind me of the order of things.
Looking at the end of the last post I finished lining the cab ceiling in January ish...   After I fit the ceiling to the cab I wanted to fit a console in the center of the shelf to house the radio and satelite controls.    Of course I only had a vague idea of what this console would look like.    So I thought I would mock one up...

Core Flute is good stuff to do templates etc... so I cut and taped what I thought would look ok in the center with cutouts for all the bits I wanted in the console.   Should do the trick...  Now using the template I fabricated the console pieces...  I have decided on highlighting birch ply throughout the truck so console construction was finalised...

With all the curves and angles it took a bit to get it right but it fit ok...
Console done...  Now I wanted to put some vents on the side...   The radio will generate a bit of heat and needed to circulate out... 

Router is my favourite tool...  Looks pretty cool I thought...  Now to assemble the console.

One side...

Other side..  with shelving edge added...  Radio on bottom left...   Satelite finder above it..  on the right bottom is USB power outlets and cigarette lighter output...  and above that is a slide drawer for an iPod.

Pic from below looking forward...  Cab lining edging done.  Happy with the finish.   Now I have to figure out how to wire it all up...

I think I have worked it out... So many wires...   I wanted to retain radio settings even when power was turned off at the master.    So I put in a small battery to keep power to the radio. A diode in the right place to allow charging of battery when radio is on.   Hook up all the wires and away it goes.

iPod plugged in and working through the radio..  Very cool.   also charges through the usb ports.

I put a voltmeter above the iPod drawer so I can see what the voltage on the radio backup battery...   Note also the speaker under the shelf.  Nice sound with speakers in each corner of the lounge...

Pantry goes in...

Now the console was in I wanted to start work on the kitchen...   First step was the slide out pantry...   Not having ever built a sliding pantry I had to sit a bit and do some planning...    I have learnt that planning time is very important...  So sitting and looking...  thinking...  looking... thinking... looking is time well spent...

First I needed a wall to house the pantry...   of course nothing was square so it was measure..  cut template and then cut a sheet of ply to fit.

Fixing it was interesting but managed to get it reasonably square.
Now to fabricate the slide out...    So onto the tools.   Festool comes to the fore again...

XC on the tools...   That domino machine is a handy tool giving accurate and strong joins every time.

I based my measurements for the slideout on the width of a Systema container.   I am using wheels under the slide out to roll it in and out.

Slide out going together...  The side of the truck being angled inwards makes it a little tricky but I think I got the measure of it.   Lets hope it fits in the slot...

There...  a little tricky given I built it to fit snugly...  it required a bit of adjustment to get it to slide in and out easily but for now it is good.    Once i put the floor down I will need to adjust the top.

Extra Circuit Panel

After putting in the center console I realised I needed more circuit breakers for appliances yet to be installed so got another block of 3 from Pierre at AA Solar.

I wired up the front console to this panel and also lined the cupboard and mounted the Solar Controller in place ready for wiring up.   I won't do this until I get the final batteries.  (soon though)...

Stove and Gas hookup... 

My next main goal was to get the gas hooked up...   So the stove had to be put in place.   The gas pipes were already in place and hooked up to the hot water cylinder...    but not to the gas bottle or stove of course.   Scott Wilberforce of Force Gas and Plumbing ran the gas pipes earlier in the project so I wanted him to come in and finish the gas install.

Ok so first I wanted to mount the stove in place...  It needed some final numbers on how high the kitchen sink was going to be etc.    So decisions were made.   Drawings drawn up...  and a stand fabricated.

I put down blue tape for the kitchen layout...  made the stove stand out of 18mm birch ply and put a sheet of fibrolite on the top...  Install instructions say it might get hot....   go figure.  Note the space on the right of the stand.   I wanted some room on the right as I hated pot handles hitting the wall on the stove hob...  plus the gas hob required some space between the gas ring and the wall...   I though more space is good.    But what do I put in there..?    I decided on a slide out with wire  basket shelves...   for what I don't know yet but will figure out what it should hold later....   Before I mounted the stove this unit needed to be in place.  (I know its like a bloody jigsaw....!)

I went to Mitre 10 and found a slide out unit that I could make fit into the small space...  and built the cabinet to fit it.   Now I am a novice at cabinet building and have to figure it all out as I go... 

This slides needed to be rebated to fit the basket into the space required..   The router made reasonable job at this so it should work.

There...  dry fit... and it all slides in nicely..  now just need a front panel on front of the basket slide out...

With this done...   I wanted to get the gas cupboard all ready for the gas bottles..  I wanted the be able to have at least two 9kg bottles and one 4.5kg spare that can be used outside for BBQ etc...   I had previously welded rings for these bottles to sit in..  Now I wanted some harnesses to hold them secure....   TK had promised me she would whip them up for me so I "organised" them into her production queue....   She is busy making sox these days so had to hold the production line up for a weekend.

Caught her with head in the cupboard measuring and riveting finished harness in place...  there was a couple of tricky bits but we got them all in the end.

Now to get the gas man...   I rang him and found that he had moved over to Hawkes Bay...    But he agreed to come over one week he was back in the area doing some work for his mother.

After a couple of false starts I finally managed to pin him to the calendar and he finally came and hooked up the gas.   I haven't taken a pic of the work in the cupboard...   will do that when I get home.
But we hooked up the bottles with simple hose connection...  which I could swap to either bottle.
And hooked up the Stove...   tested the pressure in the pipes...  All good..  no leaks...  
And fired up the stove...

With the stove now fixed in place....  the hot water cylinder started on the second attempt...   so I can now have hot water...  Hot showers..!!   luxury...

I forgot to put in a pic of the gas install..    Here it is..  Nice and simple..  I can swap bottles easily.  The small bottle is easily removed for BBQ etc..  I am ver happy with install.  Thanks Scott Wilberforce from Force Plumbing now from Hawkes Bay.

Kitchen Cabinets...

Now the stove was in place and going well...   It was now time to put in the rest of the kitchen cabinets...    I did actually cut out all the bits before the gas man came so the order of things here are a little out of sync...
First though I wasn't happy with my table saw...   It wasn't easy to get a square cut... and for cabinets it is imperative that they are accurate...    So I went onto youtube and did some research...   I found a common denominator and fabricated this...

A top that fit over my Triton...   and a saw fence that I was able to clamp square for panels even larger than 600mm...   Happy XC...

Now I drew up some plans...  not being a kitchen designer I wanted to incorporate mostly drawers..  with a cupboard under the sink...   Talk about bespoke build...

Tossing up wether to create separate units..   or join them all together...  I decided to join together and have only one partition panel...  Lets see if it works...   First panels cut...  note the wall slopes at 710mm so had to account for that...

I wanted a return on the left that allowed a narrow opening going into the lounge area...   so big sheet shows extent of the return...

Another view of return from front of truck...   should be good...

Panels showing toe kick cut out...   Now that was done I wanted an exposed ply edge on the fronts and this Eurolite ply is poplar and very light...   so I rebated the fronts and put birch ply edging on them.. 

Of course the cabinets were pretty big and I couldn't build them in toto in the workshop so I had to build them ..  then assemble in the truck.

First cabinet being assembled in workshop... 

Joined up with the second cabinet...  Floors keep them square...   You can't see the ply edge in this shot.. 

Assembling in the truck...  Note the stove is not there..  this was done before gas hookup..   you can make out the ply edging..   I also started to prime the insides....

More going in...   I had to do a lot of work getting the plumbing from the grey tank...  up through the floor..  then under the cabinet ..  then up into cabinet to where the sink is going...   A lot of decisions...  so bit the bullet and glued pipes into the right place and cut holes in cabinets to accommodate.

The kitchen cabinets all flat packed... lol..   waiting for gas man to do his thing...   once done it was ready to assemble in the truck.... Of course I had to cross fingers that they would all go together again...   Murphy does make things difficult some times...

Commitment time...   Stove in...  ready to fix in place.   I was going to make kitchen removable but decided not to in the end..  so if it has to come out..   things will be broken..!!  oh well...
Note drawer runners in place for drawers..

Second cabinet going in...  With the insides painted white the ply edging stands out..  Getting all the bits glued and domino's in place and all clamped up to dry is a "quick" job..   stress and lots of running around no matter how much I prepare everything beforehand...

This next cabinet I will be having a roll out rubbish bin on the bottom... and a couple of small utility draws above that...  Note the plumbing coming up from below...   a lot of fiddling to get that there...

The corner cabinet is interesting..   It is pretty much dead space as I didn't have room to make fancy corner cupboard...  so I made it accessable from the lounge side...  To store whatever..  (yet to be decided.)  Note the hatch on the left...

Last drawer cabinet in the return...  All glued...  screwed.. and clamped down.. 
I am happy with how it looks...   Note the black round thing on the floor..  That is a Whale Pump that is foot operated...  I can pump through a filter direct from the right fresh tank...  without using power pump..
The piece of timber next to cabinets is a sample of the bamboo flooring I am likely going to use for the floors.

My mssion was to get to this stage before I had to go to Auckland for surgery...   So Mission accomplished..
Surgery done....  Now I have to recover and get back onto the tools..   I have ordered the stone bench top..  Not sure how long that will take..  Next I will make the drawers...

Stay tuned...


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