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Kitchen Done... Fire In

Posted by XenaCommander on October 11, 2017 at 2:35 PM

Fire In....  

Pic of truck with flue installed...    will update blog to fill in the details soon...

Stay tuned...   (Update 2 May 2018 )   Ok ok...  I have been tardy,,,   I have been busy making progress on truck build but haven't got around to updating this blog...   I am a bit crook with the flu this week so thought I would to an update here...  Last post was the kitchen going in...  I will update from there...

Some pics of kitchen progress...

Drawers are not my favourite chore but they have to be done as there are lots in this kitchen...  Note the bamboo floor sample under cupboard...   it will look good...  Note plumbing for sink waiting...

Big drawers next to oven for pots etc...

More drawers under construction..   I use eurolite ply....   a poplar ply which makes it light and strong,

I know I know...  drawers crossing over..  so I had to measure them carefully so they don't collide when finished. Fingers crossed...  Note waste pipe plumbed in and waiting.

Another non favourite job...  painting..!  

Done and dusted....

They are starting to look like a real kitchen...   now all is required is the drawer fronts..   I decided to run with the theme of exposed ply edges..   so used good ply fronts...

Quite tricky to get them on straight and even...   I love air tools...   staples through to hold them in place easily.

Ok...   looking good...  decision to leave them with wood finish or to paint them...  I wish I was better at internal decorating etc...  

I continued with these great push button latches...  fiddly to get on perfectly but with patience and a template made the job tolerable.

Looking more like a kitchen...  drawers work perfectly and cupboard looks good.

Now for the bench top...   I was going to get a stone top but the cost is outrageous...!!!   so decided to have a go at making one myself and laminate it with formica...  all things I've never done before..  Fingers crossed and some study on youtube...

I decided against using MDF...  There is no MDF in my truck..  so used good Birch ply...  and doubled thicknessed two 18mm sheets...   Used template to pattern it up and cut to fit.

Using the same pattern I cut the formica sheet oversize..  then glued it onto the top..   I didn't take pic of this process...  just to say it is a nightmare that has to be done quickly ... 

Laminate glued on...   now was the fun part..  to run the router around the edges to make it look finished.

Bench top in place..  sink inserted for dry fit...   Now I wanted a nice bullnose..  I decided to do it separately so the top came flush with the laminate...

Old sailor using his favourite tool...   routing the bullnose..   I am determined not to lose another finger in this build..  so concentration was high... 

Bullnose being clamped in place..   I used Festool domino's to secure them in place.

Bullnose in place..  looking good...  Now to fix the bench top in place.

Looks good..     Decision was to paint the kitchen cupboards..    another chance to learn from YouTube to work out how to get a reasonable finish...    Again I didn't take pics of the process but it worked out ok...

I reckon it looks ok...  

Cupboards painted...    Next job...   Put the fire in...

Fire Goes In...


This is a job that I have been putting off for ages... but wanted to get it done next... The reason I procrastenated on it is because I knew I had to cut a hole into the roof for the flue...   and there is a 6 mm steel plate I had to cut through...
The first trick was to find the exact spot to drill the hole..  I drove the truck to a level parking spot around the corner...  But in the end I used a pole and my eye to line things up...   Once marked the hard part commenced.

First a pilot hole...  up from inside through the roof..   I got up on ladder and cleared some tape off the spot,  Now the hard work..  

I had bought a 150mm hole saw quite some time ago for this job..  I started the hole and committed to just taking my time...  get comfortable and go slowly..   mineral oil to lubricate... slow speed..  mind the catches...  One hour went by....  Two hours went by...  I still had not got through the 6mm steel plate that was used before to mount an awning on..    I decided to try and speed things up so tried a grinder with a metal cutting blade..  But all I did was to start a fire...   so gave that idea up.    Back to the hole saw.
Another hour I was through in one spot and it became easier...  In total it took 6 hours to cut this hole..  but was happy it was done.

Hole from inside..   note the insulation I cut away from hole...  cleaned up the burnt bits..

following the installation instructions provided by Tarlan Technology...   I put batts around the sleeve and inserted the outer sleeve...  and the inside flashing to finish it off...

Now fingers crossed..   I put the flue in place and measured it up to cut to length.

I riveted the cap in place and glued the flashing ...   all looks good.

Looks pretty straight inside too...   just have to put the heat guard on the flue.

Looking good..   I couldn't light the fire straight away as the glue had to dry on bottom of the flue.  Tomorrow.

Success...  The Little Cracker is an amazing fire..    SO MUCH HEAT...!!!   and can be controlled to use very little fuel.

The fire works great..    I used it a few times but it was the end of winter so it hasn't had a lot of use..   Now being May I am looking forward to the cold so I can use it again.

Next...  Self Containment Certificate...   and Window Surrounds.

Stay tuned


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