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Self Containment, Lounge Seat and Floor Down - Aug 17 to April 18

Posted by XenaCommander on May 1, 2018 at 10:00 PM

Self Containment - at last..!

Well it is about time I decided to get this done...  I had done an inspection a year or so again but hadn't followed up after fixing a couple of things that needed attending to...    But now I have the kitchen in and working well I thought I would do it..   I rang Bill over in Taupo who is the local NZMCA Inspector and made an appointment.

As expected the truck passed with flying colours...   and Bill did the honours...

Up a bit... 

Perfect...   Now I can legally park over at designated NZMCA park over places...   Not that I have done so yet.

Window Frames and Hatches...

Next I wanted to start on the trims around the windows and hatches...  considerable thought is given to the methodology of every step given I have never done this sort of thing before...   So I had to figure out how best to do this...

First I needed to put a lining on the window ledge...   I decided to use the same acrylic that I used for the shower lining...  I had some left over from the shower so I could try it and see how it looked...    I ripped strips the right width and glued into the grooves in the window frame and proud of the wall lining....

Then the idea was to use ply to frame around the window...  I cut 90 degree corners first then attached straight bits to make the frame....

The tricky part was to get the frame groove on the back exactly matching the sill acrylic...   some fine tuning with the router made things fit where needed...   Note the flashing on bench is the top flashing which I put on after frame was glued...

I think it turned out ok...   I varnished them clear...  to highlight the ply again...

Bedroom frame complete...

The bigger lounge window was the most difficult..   but I got there in the end...
Now the hatches...

I didnt take pics of all hatches...  but they were tricky to line..    By the time I got to the lounge I was getting better... I had to get more acrylic to finish them...   Pic shows lining glued in place...

Frames were tricky to get perfect...   but I managed to get close... 

Pic of the finished hatch frame...  you can see the kitchen one too...  I think they look pretty good..   But I'm biased...  :)

Lounge Seat/Spare Bed...

Next was the lounge...   I wanted a lounge sofa type seat that also doubled as a spare bed...  I know Wayne.. He will say it is his bed...   OK...   a sofa / Waynes bed...   (and maybe other guests)..  lol...

I had researched the web for ideas and found a pic of one that I liked...    of course there were no plans so I had to figure that bit out myself...    Fingers crossed.

I mocked up how I wanted it to look...  using a foam sofa bed we have for emergencies...  it served the purpose well...    The foam on the end I wanted to have a cabinet that acted as an arm rest and doubled as set of drawers for stuff...

To the workshop...  I decided to make this cabinet very substantial...   I used 18mm birch ply...   God it's heavy..!

A dry fit...   looks like it will work ok..  two drawers slide out..  One could use it as a wine bar... not that I drink but thought it would work for that..   The hole on top is for a USB socket.

All finished...   again I painted it with the ply edge exposed and varnished...   The top lifts up to keep TV remotes and chargers etc..
Now to work out how to build the seat.

With a plan sketched out in my plan book..   I cut out some framing...

Put them together ...  to create a frame for the seat.

I had to commit...   and screw things down in place...  I hate that bit..  I hope I have thought of everything...  Note the wide planks on top of the frame..   I had some maple so milled that down to right size..  Purpose will be revealed...

another view...    Now I had to stop construction of the seat as the next step I needed to have the floor down so I could measure accurately the next step...    So I had to make the commitment of what floor to use..
TK has a Placemakers staff card...  So that helped when buying the floor...

Of course I had to work out where to start laying the floor...  which was the kitchen...  I lay the underlay foam first..  then lock the bamboo planks on top...

I love doing jigsaws...  but this did get a bit tricky in parts... some very fiddly bits around doorways etc...

I had to lay the kitchen to get around the return into the lounge...

Typing this it seems easy... but it took a lot of time to get right..  Kitchen down and now into the lounge...

The floor buts up against the seat frame...  So I had to lay floor to get that right before making the front of the seat.

Floor down...  Now to finish the seat...

I worked out how to attach the slats to the lifting front...   Soo many slats..  74 of them...  hundreds of screws...

Finally all screwed down...  and hinges on...   note the black seatbelts...  Now I am legally allowed to carry 5 people in the truck.   Not that it will be necessary..

Now this is how it works...  

The seat is made in two parts...  both of which can lift up and access storage underneath...   "SHE" has laid claim to one half...  :)

Each of the seats can be pulled out...  to make a double bed width bed...   Cool huh..?

Closed up it is a couch..   The blue squabs are not what is going to be there in the end..  They are too small.. I will get some made to fit.

It took a while but I finally got the trim I wanted for the stair well...   Next job...  Fit them to look tidy...

I didn't take many pick of the fiddly things I had to do to get this looking nice...   I put bamboo on the second step as well..

I think it looks pretty good..   I put a bamboo beading on the back of the step as it was impossible to get it perfect without it...

Final entrance....  I like it...  especially with the blue lights on.

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