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Pretty Much ALL DONE...

Posted by XenaCommander on April 6, 2020 at 11:05 PM

Finished Construction

Ok ok....  I know I have been remiss ...  I havent updated this construction blog for months..   A good friend reminded me yesterday... He said he jumped on here to check progress and it was the same as the last time he looked..     Ok Ok.. I apologise..  I just havent been into computers much since I retired...    But for you that have been following the build I should bring this up to date. I just hope I can remember all the stuff I have been able to achieve.   The pic above is taken on home soil in Tolaga Bay...  Parked there for a month clearing the section.   Maybe that is worth another blog as it seems to have become my "next" project.

Cabinets...  Cabinets...  Cabinets...

Last post I think I had finished most of the cabinets in the Bedroom...   I just needed to do the top cabinets...

I was starting to get pretty good constructing these cabinets...  Each one is bespoke to the spot it goes into.

First one going up...   Those props have proved invaluable...

Two up....

Other side going up....

I have made the ply edge trim a feature of this build....   Here I have cut and varnished trims for these cabinets...

Fast forward to trims all fixed...  and doors attached and all painted...   looking good...  I decided not to paint everything grey so finished with a dutch cream...   contrasts well with the grey.

Ok i won't do things in order here but I wanted to have a go at upholstering a headboard for the bed...  So good old YouTube helped gave me some direction...   Some online purchases of required materials and away I go...

Excuse the messy bed...  But I do live in this building site..!!!  the material stapled on ... I just need to tidy the edges...

Looks ok...  I made the bed for this pic... 

Latest pic in bedroom...  note the knobs are all on..  and the hatch curtains are done.. 

Pic toward the left hand side of bedroom..  Curtains all done...  trims all done... 

Pic from the bed looking forward...   Note the image on the TV...  it will give you the day it was taken.

Moving forward through the bathroom...   Tiles on splashback and trim over wallboard joins...

Trailer refurb....

About now I took some time out from cabinet building and spent some time cleaning up the trailer...  I realised it was too big and wanted to swap it for a smaller one..   Figured it would return a better price if I cleaned it up.  So i de rusted it wherever it was necessary...  repacked the bearings... and refurbished the electric brakes..

End result was successful sale of the trailer and a new one now on order.

Now I moved forward to the Lounge...   I wanted to get the upholstery done for the lounge as late as possible in the build..  Now was the time..  So I rang my friend Paul Yerex in Rotorua who has a business Yerex Upholstery.  I drove the truck over and he measured up...   and a couple of weeks later I went back and picked them up.

Best quality foam and huge pieces... makes this the most expensive buy for the truck build.    But it looks really good. Very happy XC.

Back to the cabinets...   First the TV Cabinet...  I wanted the TV to be stowed away in a cuboard...  so not exactly knowing how i would do it I just built a box big enough to hold the TV.

Then I cut the front off so I could put hinges on it...    Fingers crossed...

Well it sort of worked...  The TV drops down when cupboard is open...  trouble was the hinges don't hold up the front as it is on a slope...  but creative props in the right place works really well...

Looking good...  I am happy with that..   It was about now that my satellite finder blew up...  literally ..  with smoke damage in the control box..    So i had to invest in a new installation.    Oh well...

A quick trip to Apollo in Whangaparaoa and I ended up installing it myself...  but it works well...

Table....  Finally.....

I wanted a table in the lounge that I could move around to suit...  So I came up with an idea to put a rail up on wall and then have a drop down table that can move back and forwards to the spot I wanted.

See the rail screwed to the wall...  I have drilled domino slots every 100 mil or so and the hinged butt of the table has lots of dominos that slot into them...   works great...    Pic shows table nearly done ..  just need to add the bullnose.

Back to Cabinets.. Cabinets...  Cabinets...    save me....................

Back to cabinets..  last few...  I will be so glad when I have finished them.

Going fast track on pics...   Next one up on prop...  looking good.

The most difficult cabinet I have done so far...  not one right angle.... lol...!

Production line for last few cabinets...

Two up... 

Two more...  Just trims and end cabs to do... 

Trims and doors done... 

Seems I have no more pics of the build...   But will take some of the finished room...

Left hand front...  trims all done... New satellite control box in.. 

Right hand front...  Wireless Nation router in...  Entertainment console rewired....   good to go...

Right hand looking back..  Speakers in place...

I wanted something above the doorway...  saw these on AliExpress...  Make a nice feature...  Thermometer... Clock...   Barometer...  Tide Clock.. (Set for Tolaga Bay)...  and Hygrometer...   pretty cool..

Hatch Curtains.....   Final solution...

These hatch curtains have caused a lot of stress...  the idea was good but the method of execution was a challenge...  I affixed magnets in the frame with the idea to use them to hold the curtains in place...  But easier said than done...   Final attempt TK thought the cutain wire on the edges of the curtain would work....  Perfect.
During our stay in Tolaga over New Years manufacturing was done.

All done...   Note the dry fit of the circuit board panel...   I want a couple of holes so I can see the battery monitor. 

Holes cut...  paint and varnish done... 

Mounted in place...  

A couple of final shots ....   Lounge all finished...  

From the entrance.... 

View from front looking back...

View from the kitchen toward the front...  

I have only a short list of bits and pieces to tidy up... 
I spent a month living in the truck in Tolaga...  all systems worked fine... No great revelations of "I should have done it like this"   so I am pretty happy with the end result of this build.    I am sure I will find little additions I want and things to improve.. 

This project has been the biggest thing i have done..  I started in 2008 and finished in 2020...!  lol...  For me it became about the build.. Not getting it finished in a deadline..  Now I can live in comfort and go anywhere I want.  What next...?  I have no idea..   relax and enjoy.

If you have read this far....  thanks for the interest...   if you have ever wished you could take on a project like this..  Just do it... chunk it back to steps and make a start.



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