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Geocaching Adventures

After three weeks working on the truck...  (See Truck Blog) It was about time for a break and an adventure...   So what can we do..   Ok..  lets kill two birds with one stone..    Doing two thing I love in a one day adventure.

For years now....   well since I started Geocaching in 2005 I have been meaning to go and find the oldest geocache in New Zealand.    Numbered GC46 the Kevin Anderson cache is down near Wainuiomata.    So what better excuse do I need to go for a ride on Xena and go and knock it off.

So after a liesurely start to the day we jumped on Xena and left around 0700...   It was pleasantly cool as we crossed the desert road the temperature dropped to around 8 degrees C...  

We stopped in Taihape BP Connect for fuel and coffee and breakfast before continuing down SH 1.

We got to Paremata and turned left over the Haywards hill to the Hutt Valley..  then over the hill to Wainuiomata and got within 1 kilometer from the cache and parked Xena in the carpark.


 It was reasonably cool so I did decide to leave the gear on for the walk to GZ...  The pic above was taken on our return to the bike when I needed to remove jacket to cool down..!

We chatted to a local water works guy who knew about Geocaching but wasn't aware that there was a cache nearby..   He is buying a GPS and will likely join the game..

We walked down the road further and onto the track and got within a few metres of GZ and noted the obvious cachers track.   TK soon had it spotted...


A good spot for a cache..  nice and discreet.  Sheltered from passing muggles.   



XC at GZ...    TK signed the log in her usual style..    This cache is the oldest one still active in New Zealand so it gets many visitors...  Even from overseas..  The log before us was from a guy in the USA who made a point to come here to find it..   He said this is one of the 10 oldest caches still active in the world.. 

I dropped in a couple of travel bugs that I had in my bag..  I am sure they will move on soon.

We tried to find another cache nearby and after walking around the whole track of about 3km we couldnt find the cache..  It had been muggled..  (for non cachers that means a non caching person had likely found it and removed it.. ).

Back to the carpark... and Xena..

By the time we got back we were HOT...!!  so removed gear to cool down in the wind.


XC cooling down before gearing up again and heading off to find food...

We rode back to the motorway and decided to do some sight seeing...   I rode down the Petone foreshore and the motorway to the Ngauranga Gorge road and up to Porirua where we stopped for a late lunch.

On our way again we backtracked the same roads we came down.   Enjoying the ride...   Well I was..  I felt TK nodding off behind me..  her helmet hitting me on the back as she snoozed...     Now this is not something I encourage so gave her the occasional whack to wake her up..!

We stopped in Bulls for fuel and I gave her the camera and told her to take some pics..   That should help her stay awake.

So as we rode along the road she clicked away...  I won't post them all here.. but a couple of interest...


This is the "Office"...  Note the speed was just on 100kmh...!   GPS in holder..  Water bottle for quick refreshments.   Great setup for long rides..


This is one of XC's favourite views...  the freedom of riding through our wonderful countryside...  It doesn't matter what the destination..  Just to ride through New Zealand is always a pleasure.

North of Waiouru TK took a couple of pics of our mountains... It had clouded up since we came south but the view is always magnificient.

We got back to the Bach around 1700 after riding about 685 kilometers and finding ONE geocache...  That was the plan and we had a great time doing it.

This is the GPS track of the ride...   Great fun.

The truck build has taken me away from geocaching as much as I used to but the whole intention for living in the truck after retirement is to Geocache around New Zealand.  So sacrifices have to be made in the mean time.  Still it is nice to have a "Fix" occasionally.